♥ What Lucky Dog Fans Are Saying About Us ♥

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"Big shout out to the boys’ favorite pup company LUCKY DOG for the best elevated dog bed (fits both of them) + environmentally friendly doggie bags!" 

“I ❤️ MY CRATE! My pawrents wanted to give me my own nesting area at home, and this @luckydogdirect crate is pawfect!"

"@luckydogdirect makes compostable poop bags. This means that unlike other eco friendly bags, when their bags break down, there is no micro plastic left in the environment. This is because the bags are made from plants."

"My parents love that my @luckydogdirect elevated bed is my calm place. Having a place to settle is so important and has been a very useful part of training!

"Cali and Hudson are becoming the best of friends! Cali likes him enough to share her @luckydogdirect Slyder Crate with him!! This crate is awesome! Instead of traditional doors, these doors slide open! It saves a lot of space in my home office."

" We’ve been working on generalizing his “kennel” command from being crate trained to being a place command and man is that so much easier using the Lucky Dog raised bed for a target."

"Tanks mahm, for always being there to clean up my poop and of course for savin da environment with Lucky Dog Compostable bags. Have you made the switch yet??"

"We’ve gotten to try out this crate from @luckydogdirect and I have to tell you I love it! We’ve been working on Kya’s separation anxiety by building positive moments in the crate while I work from home."

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